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To maintain the quality and integrity of our content, we have established a set of guidelines for guest post submissions, which we use them streamline the submission process, ensure consistency across all posts, and help your content reach its full potential.

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Why write a guest post?

  1. Show off your skills: Our blog is the perfect stage for you to display your coding stuff. Share your knowledge, showcase your expertise, and establish yourself as a coding superstar.
  2. Join our squad: When you write for us, you’re not just a guest – you’re part of the team. You’ll join a community of coding enthusiasts, making new friends and potential collaborators along the way.
  3. Learn and grow: Writing about coding can help you dig deeper into topics, sharpen your skills, and stay on top of the latest trends. It’s like a fun, productive workout for your brain.
  4. Be seen and heard: Our blog enjoys a wide readership of 7.2 million annual readers. That’s a lot of eyes on your work, and who knows? Your next big opportunity might just come from someone who reads your post.
  5. Boost your blog: We’re all about sharing the love. You can include a backlink to your own blog or website in your bio, quickly driving more traffic your way and helping with your site’s SEO.
  6. Engage and get Inspired: Our readers love a good discussion. Sharing your posts means you can engage with them, get feedback, and maybe even find inspiration for your next big coding project.
  7. Build your portfolio: Guest posting is a fantastic way to build up your writing portfolio. It shows you can break down complex coding concepts into understandable, engaging content.
  8. Free promotion? Yes, please: We’ll promote your post across our social media channels. That’s free marketing for you, and a chance to reach even more coding enthusiasts.

We can’t wait to see what amazing insights and perspectives you’ll bring to Coding Beauty.

Article writing guidelines

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in writing a guest post for us. To help you get started, we’ve put together some guidelines to ensure your article aligns with our standards and resonates with our readers.

  1. Post length: We’re looking for comprehensive, in-depth articles. Your post should be between 600 to 2500+ words.
  2. Self-promotion: We understand the importance of visibility, but we discourage blatant self-promotion. If it’s not relevant to the content, please avoid promoting any product or website within the article. You can, however, mention your work and projects in your provided bio.
  3. Content structure: To make your content reader-friendly, use headings, subheadings, and bullet point lists. Keep sentences and paragraphs short and readable.
  4. Tone and language: Let’s keep things conversational. Although not necessary, we recommend a semi-formal, neutral tone. Use common vocabulary words and avoid overly technical terms where not necessary.
  5. Originality and research: We value original, well-researched content. Duplicate or syndicated content will not be accepted.
  6. Visual appeal: A picture speaks a thousand words, right? Enhance your content with expressive screenshots and imagery as appropriate.
  7. Personal touch: We love hearing your unique perspective. Share your opinions and experiences, and draw upon your background to add credibility to the subject matter.
  8. Outbound links: To provide additional resources to our readers, include at least one relevant outbound link in your article.
  9. SEO best practices: We’re all about SEO-friendly content. Implement target keywords naturally, use relevant terms, write clear titles, and optimize images.
  10. Internal and external linking: Incorporate internal links to our existing content. Limit external links to authoritative sources only.
  11. Accepted topics: We welcome articles that provide tips, tutorials, insights, experiences, humor, and news on subjects like programming, software development, computer science, AI, and technology in general. We also appreciate content that offers practical advice and personal anecdotes to help our readers navigate the field.

We’re excited to read your submission. Happy writing!


  1. Topic confirmation: First, you’ll send us your topic. Send an email to write@wp.codingbeautydev.com with the topic of your guest post. Don’t start writing until you’ve told us about this 👍.
  2. Submission format: Your draft should be a Google Docs. Submit by sharing a link to the doc at write@wp.codingbeautydev.com.
    The doc should have these sharing settings:
    1. On – anyone with the link
    2. Access – can edit
    3. Author Bio: Send a short, couple-sentence bio that can include a link to your social media profile or website.
  3. Publication schedule: You will be notified when the post is scheduled to go live.

Some more guidelines

  1. Content formatting: Use bold and italic formatting sparingly, create lists, and utilize quotes or callouts.
  2. Author photo and attribution: Include a high-quality profile photo and credit any sources used.
  3. Revision process: Collaborate and maintain open communication with our editorial team to address revisions and edits.

Thank you for your interest and contribution. We look forward to reading your work!

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