[SOLVED] “auth/unauthorized domain” error in Firebase Auth

In this article, we’re going to learn how to easily fix the “auth/unauthorized domain” error which happens in the Firebase Authentication Web SDK.

What causes “auth/unauthorized domain” error in Firebase?

The Firebase “domain is not authorized” error happens when you try to use an API from Firebase Auth in a domain that is not authorized by Firebase.

It may occur in the FirebaseUI, or in your browser console.

The “auth/unauthorized” Firebase error occurring in FirebaseUI.

How to fix “auth/unauthorized domain” error in Firebase

To fix the “Domain not authorized” error in Firebase Auth, go to the Firebase Authentication Authorized domains settings for your project, using this link: https://console.firebase.google.com/project/_/authentication/settings.

Or by following these steps from the Firebase Console for your project in this image:

An image with steps to go to the Firebase Authentication Authorized domains settings page.

Enter the new domain in the dialog that shows after clicking Add domain:

Enter the new domain to register it as an authorized domain in Firebase Authentication.

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